The 19th Annual SAET Conference

will be held on June 30th – July 6th, 2019

in Ischia, the "green island" in the gulf of Naples (Italy)


The SAET has appointed the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University Federico II of Naples (DISES) and the Associazione per lo Sviluppo di Teoria Economica, Matematica e Applicazioni (ASTEMA) to organize the Conference.

The purpose of the SAET is to advance knowledge in theoretical economics and to facilitate communication among researchers in economics, mathematics, game theory, or any other field which is potentially useful to economic theory.  In that, SAET shares common purposes with ASTEMA and covers a substantial part of the scientific interests of DISES.

Past Events

Past events organized by the group of mathematical economists of Federico II University joint with ASTEMA and CSEF:

Workshops on Equilibrium Analysis (2018, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010)

Games, Markets, Ambiguity 2015

EWGET 2015 

IX Conference of SAET 2009
V Conference of SAET 2001